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Posted by on Aug 1, 2017 in Employment Law | 0 comments

Sexist Pigs

In order for a person to be a functioning member of society, it is typically expected that they find some form of employment in efforts of earning a living to provide for themselves or their family. In a perfectly functioning world, people would be able to aspire to any job they desired in hopes of one day achieving success. Unfortunately, these conditions do not yet exist. Still, the rising new generations of the world seem to value equality in all forms more than their predecessors. A plethora of work still remains to be done in hopes of creating a more equal world that celebrates differences rather than categorizing each other into specific societal labels.

Workplace inequality has run rampant throughout much of the developed world for decades. Recently though it has become much tenser as urban centers are flooded with diverse new hires. These new hires include many different subgroups in relation to the employee’s background, gender, nationality, etc. For the sake of this argument, the focus will be on gender. Now widely thought of as more of a spectrum instead of the outdated binary model, gender is one of the most easily observed distinctions that differentiate employees in the workplace. Men and women typically congregate in groups of the same sex to collaborate on projects, they mostly have separate changing and restroom facilities, and they exhibit different workplace culture norms. The tension that can develop in workplaces where both sexes coexist can be the catalyst for sexual harassment between individuals to occur. In the state of Texas, there are certain legal protections for employees who have experienced sexual harassment. If the employee experiences sexual harassment in the forms of inappropriate conduct, sexual advancements, and threats to their job security or personal life then they are able to seek counsel from a Texas employment attorney in hopes of receiving fair treatment for any incidents that occur. Standing firmly in opposition of these activities is what is necessary for us to eradicate the grossly normalized behaviors of the harasser. Thankfully now that more women are pursuing higher education and therefore being promoted into esteemed positions we will one day see the gender gap closed. There is a large amount of work to still be done, but through the valiant actions of strong, intelligent women the foundation is being laid for a more inclusive and equal world.

To summarize, the employment sector of humanity is grossly contaminated with unpleasant activities such as sexual harassment. In the state of Texas, an employee can challenge the system in order to have a just result. Although sexual harassment has plagued our society for centuries growing trends of inclusive efforts to end discrimination in all forms are beacons of light for employees all around the world. If we stay focused with advocating for workplace reform so that it promises safe, comfortable environments for all employees the future could see fewer cases of harassment. Through education for employers and employees in the form of inclusive team building exercises and communication workshops, we can effectively combat unjust treatment in the work domain.

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