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Because of the complicated nature of our work, alongside general public unfamiliarity with the purpose and methods of automated data analysis, the Future Data Testing Department offers answers to some of the questions it is asked most frequently.

What makes you “future-focused?”

We say our methods are “future-focused” because we believe we are among the groups that are laying the groundwork for excursions in advanced artificial intelligences. Our AI specialists work diligently to create software that efficiently and automatically recognizes patterns in enormous data structures that would take a person months to merely sort through. This affords scientists the freedom to see all sides of their labor at once, from perspectives they may not have considered.

We believe that as scientists’ ability to collect vast oceans of data improves, these artificial intelligences will become the vessels through which we will navigate their depths.

What kind of data do you examine?

The Future Data Testing Department analyzes data from various branches of science. We have team members who are specialists in many fields, including biochemistry, electromagnetism, and particle physics. They work closely with our computer scientists to create artificial intelligences that can recognize significant patterns in the data they collect from their experiments.

Where does all the data come from?

A great amount of the data we analyze comes from our own research labs. We also partner with universities to share information between one another. We also sometimes pull data from other sources, such as independent labs and even general webpages if they meet our verification standards.

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