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Posted by on Oct 30, 2017 in Wrongful Death | 0 comments

Traffic Accident in Boston

I went on a short vacation to Boston this past weekend and saw the worst crash. Three cars, one of them in the middle, and like everyone else, I wanted to slow down and take a look and see what I could see from the accident. What I could see was not very encouraging. It looked like someone was still in one of the cars. There were police, fire, ambulances everywhere, and I didn’t see anyone trying to get the person out.

Maybe I saw it incorrectly. I was driving and trying to avoid my own accident as people slowed down to gawk. But it just didn’t look good.

I don’t have that much experience with death, perhaps that’s why it struck me. I assumed the person was dead and they just hadn’t removed the body, and it freaked me out for the whole weekend. I couldn’t get the thought out of my head. I ended up parking not too far away and walking back. I was walking somewhere else (on the way to the market) but I made a point of walking by.

By then, there was nothing to see. The cars had been removed from the road, and there were just a couple police waving people through. There was still some glass and such on the ground. That’s all that was left.

It got me thinking about how quickly these things can happen. Someone stops suddenly, someone else drives too fast and doesn’t see. It can take seconds. I drive so often, I don’t usually think about how easily something bad could happen.

And yet, it really could, just like it did to that poor somebody in the car I saw, who was probably just on his way to somewhere he thought was important. Maybe he was on his way to work or maybe he’d taken the day off too and was heading for the same market. That’s a scary thought.

I’m trying not to think this way, and yet, I’m spending my time researching common causes of sudden death. Construction accidents, that doesn’t seem likely for me, but who knows? Things fall off buildings all the time, I bet. Unsafe products, that’s certainly possible. Who can be sure if a can of beans doesn’t have listeria or something in it?

Medical malpractice, I’m not even sure what that means exactly, but I suppose it could happen to me. The wrong pills prescribed, the wrong operation done if I need my appendix out. It’s all possible.

I suppose that’s what is keeping me up and keeping me worried. It’s all possible. It could possibly have been me in that car. How many cars ahead of me was that person when the accident occurred? Perhaps 50 or 100 cars? And how much time would that actually be? If I’d left twenty minutes earlier if I’d been really determined to make an early start…well, I just have to drop it.

But I keep thinking about it anyway.

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