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Where Is Camp Lejeune Located?

Onslow County in southeast North Carolina is home to Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune. The New River, which flows toward the Onslow Beach region, is located close to Camp Lejeune and the City of Jacksonville. With 14 miles of beachfront on the Atlantic Coast, Camp Lejeune is a 153,439-acre complex.

Off Highway 24, the primary entrance is located just east of Jacksonville. Wilson Gate is where the visitor center is situated. Additionally, there are gates to the east and south via Highway 172 in Hubert and Route 24 in Sneads Ferry. The truck access is located farther east at the Piney Green gate. Highway 17 south provides access to more recent training grounds.

Jacksonville has historically had a cheaper cost of living, is a military town, and has a developing interest in the tourist industry. Many military personnel can invest in real estate thanks to falling property values. Meanwhile, real estate values are rising, particularly close to waterways and beaches.

What Is The History Of Camp Lejeune:

A selection committee chose the North Carolina region around New River as the best site for a new Marine training center in the early 1940s, which is when Camp Lejeune started. The new building was perfect for an east coast sector training center, especially since it was close to Morehead City and Wilmington, two deepwater ports. In 1941, work on the new camp and its neighboring Cherry Point aircraft equivalent began. More than 450 kilometers of roads, 6,946 structures, and facilities are part of the installation, which houses about 137,526 marines, seamen, seniors, family members, and civilian workers.

What Is The Mission Of The Corps Base?

A Marine Corps Base’s purpose In addition to the Marine Corps Base (M.C.B.), Camp Lejeune is responsible for supporting numerous Marine Corps commands, a significant Navy command, and a Coast Guard authority.

All the property is owned by Camp Lejeune, which also runs the formal elementary and secondary schools as well as offers assistance and instruction to the tenant units. The world’s greatest concentration of soldiers and seamen are stationed at Camp Lejeune, which has numerous satellite camps, housing, training facilities, and New River Air Station.
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